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This is a question I get asked almost every day! And it’s a very important one. When is the best time of year to start a paintball field ?

The answer is, right now!

Now is always the best time to take action, here is why.

First off let’s talk about outdoor paintball fields but don’t worry, we will cover indoor paintball fields as well.

For outdoor paintball, in the places that actually have seasons, you want the winter months to act as your pre- grand opening phase. This way when the weather breaks in spring, you will be in full swing and able to handle the rush.

Too many people make the mistake of trying to have a grand opening in the peak season, then fail miserably because they were not ready. You need time to learn everything.

Plus things always take longer than expected when starting a paintball field. Many people try to time their grand opening for the peak season, only to run into unforeseen delays and end up opening 3 months later than expected. Don’t fall into that trap !   Plan to open now, then whatever delay you run into, is not a big deal.

Now let’s talk about starting an indoor paintball field. Our newest indoor franchise field in Colorado opened in the summer. Why?   Because when the snow finally started falling and his numbers skyrocketed, he was ready for it. He used the slower summer months to get through the learning curve at a much more relaxed pace.

With all that said, you can still start a paintball field and open during the peak season and do well. But no matter when you open, you can always do well.

Evan Money is the owner of and is celebrating his 20th year helping people start successful paintball fields. With 100% financing for start ups and Working capital loans, Money Paintball can fund your dream today.

It’s no secret the NEW YORK JETS NFL football team is in need of some serious team building. So what did head coach Rex Ryan do a few weeks ago. He took the whole team out to play paintball. We recently helped Harvey start his own paintball field in NJ, Hard Core Paintball. He decided to Take Action and go after team building groups. I’d say the New York Jets are a good group!

What better way to get the word out about your field. What better way to add credibility and attract attention for your field? If your thinking about starting a paintball field or you already own one, have you contacted your local pro sports team? The only thing you have to lose is the next big group playing at your field.

Paintball field owners and people looking to start a paintball field always want to know what rental equipment is the best choice. Too often, field owners go for the lowest price or off brand paintball markers and end up paying a huge price. There are very few good choices for a rental marker (which we will discus today), while there are hundreds of choices for a personal marker.

If you still have not started your paintball field and are looking for the perfect personal paintball marker, check out They are not the typical retail paintball site. Yes they have great prices and FREE shipping but they also have detailed reviews plus  tips and tricks from paintball how to’s to help you succeed and even some uplifting motivational stories for you to read.  Their tag line is; helping you be the best at what you love the most. I think that’s pretty cool, You can check out their blog at
Now if your a field owner looking to upgrade your fleet or your ready to finally start your paintball field,  you need to take a few things into consideration. Take your favorite personal paintball marker and from about chest high drop it on the ground! I know, I know, you’d never do that in your right mind, well guess what? That’s the first thing your customer is going to do with his ” rental marker .”  I talked with a soon to be paintball field owner today who was really excited about having invert mini’s as rental markers, sounds good on paper but after an hour of rental abuse, not so good. Anything that takes battery’s or you have to charge up is not a good idea to rent out.  On the flip side, having a rental upgrade for a premium price to a nicer gun is a workable option. But make sure your paperwork says, you break it , you buy it and get the credit card first!

Lastly, it’s not always the customers that break your guns, look no further than your underpaid and over worked staff. Are they excited about gently taking care of the rental fleet at the end of a long day? I strongly recommend a rental marker that is built to last from a company that has stood the test of time. Do you know how many field owners are stuck with rental guns that they can’t get parts for? Also why bother copy cat guns? Get an original, from a manufacture that has been around for 10 or even 20 years.

If you have any questions on what rental markers to choose, e-mail me directly at  and check out for 100% financing and great package deals.

In the earth shattering response to my video I put out this week on how to grow your paintball business for free, here is the contact information for George the worlds best jeweler who’s story I highlighted in the video. Want to save a few thousand on ring or ear rings? George is the man!

What? you missed the video, that’s ok, here is the link and it should be embedded below as well.

George can be reached at 213-627-7620   He can do any type of custom jewelery and he specializes in wedding rings and loose diamonds. This is THE ONLY jewelry hook up you need!! Make sure to tell him Evan money sent you!

Also, if you want to see a picture of the superbowl ring, e-mail me at

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Now that Lance Armstrong is done fighting all the people that don’t like him, I’m assuming for passing all his drug tests. He can now focus on his charity and paintball would be a great addition. In Lance’s latest post on his website today he said that his foundation focuses on serving people and families affected by cancer. What better way than to start a paintball field!

Here at Money Paintball we have supported many charity based paintball fields through our own charity. Paintball is such a great sport because anyone can play in any condition. Some may not be in a condition to get shot back but they sure can enjoy doing some shooting.

Even if you have started a paintball field already or are still planning, I encourage you to create some space to do some charity work. It could be once a year, once a quarter, once a month or more. Something is better than nothing. It could be as simple as allowing inner city youth to play for free once a month. Worried about the cost?  Give them the new splatmaster guns, they could play all afternoon and a group of 10 would only use one case of paint max!

If your totally clueless on what charity to support with your paintball field don’t worry. Just  put up a little paper sign by your registration that says: Do you know a good charity? We want to help!  and watch what happens!

There is a lot of magic in giving, try it!

First off this blog isn’t about the Cathy family and what Dan Cathy said or meant etc.. What it is about,  is what we as paintball business and field owners and people looking to start a paintball business or field can learn from it.

Let’s go back in time and see what the paintball perceptions were in the 80’s at the start of our great sport. Paintball was for Ex Vietnam Vets and people that wanted to play War Games, and it was really, really expensive.  I paid $10 for 10 shots at our local field!

Now the 1990’s  Paintball was perceived as a obscure sport for reckless thrill seekers, similar to Hang Gliding or Sky Diving. People at my church used to come up to me and say, I heard you were in the Ping Pong business or the Pinball business. Paintball was still an unknown to the masses. And starting a paintball field was unheard of!

In the 2000’s Paintball became a house hold name and mainstream  thanks to all the Big Box stores carrying the markers and supplies. In the mid 2000’s Money Turf was used as ESPN covered Paintball and now Paintball became at last a Real Sport. Before the crash, money was easy to get and starting a paintball field was extremely easy.

Present Day, Paintball is played by all races , religions, ages 10 – 100, economic brackets and it’s played in over 60 countries in the world.

Your perception of Chick-fila may have changed over the last week, but aren’t you glad paintball’s perception has changed for the better and is embraced world wide?  Just imagine when paintball gets in the Olympics in 2020. More on that in a different blog.

Starting a paintball field or paintball business is the dream of most you reading this blog. Don’t let it turn into a nightmare! It’s a fact that over 50% of paintball fields close because they make too much money! You heard it correctly, making too much money is often worse than not making enough.

Most paintball field owners start small ( size & money is relative but in this case we are talking under $100,000 USD. )  These new paintball business owners typically keep their day job and work the field on weekends. They go from making $2,800 a month to $30,000 a month and simply blow a fuse. Just look at all the lottery winners and pro athletes that do the same thing.

Another common mistake new paintball field owners make is, they get the “urge to splurge.” One field owner in Los Angeles used to take his $5,000 or $10,000 he made that day in cash and walk straight into his favorite strip club. Would it surprise you if I told you he is no longer in business. Other paintball business owners have a big weekend and splurge on a new car. They figure a $2,000 a monthly lease payment is nothing when they made $10,000 last weekend. But then they get a few rainy weekends or the weather suddenly turns cold, now that $2,000 lease payment becomes a burden.

The main solution is to save then spend! There is nothing wrong with splurging! Just splurge after you have 6 months operating capitol ( INCLUDING PAYING YOURSELF) before you go buy something big. You will be glad you did.

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If you want to start a paintball field or start your paintball business, this question is usually one of your first. However the answer may surprise you. Because there is no right amount!  After starting over 1,000 paintball fields around the world I can tell you this, it’s not an amount, it’s a mindset.

For example, if borrowing $20,000 to start your paintball field will keep you up at night in cold sweats, and borrowing $10,000 is no problem at all, then $10,000 is what you should invest. Conversely, if you don’t have an issue borrowing $500,000 , then that is the best number for you. It’s all about what you are comfortable with.

I know what your going to ask, won’t the $500,000 field be so much better?  Again, the answer may surprise you. Any size paintball field or paintball park is 1 million times better than no park at all.  I personally know three  field owners who have been in business for over 16 years. They all started small and now their businesses have grown tremendously. Should they have waited until they got all the funding they needed? If they did, they never would have gotten started!

Take Action NOW! And start your paintball field! We can even finance you 100% ! Check out

Recently I have had quite a few new, would be field owners, ask me if they should take some kind of college courses or wait until they finish college before they start a paintball field. My answer is this: People don’t go to your paintball field because you went to college, they go because they want to have fun an escape from life for a while.

It’s also safe to say that the person teaching the “business class” has never owned a successful business before.  This isn’t always the case, but 99% of the time. I can guarantee they have never owned a successful paintball business.

This isn’t a slam on higher education but more of a common sense post.  The Degree you get from a college doesn’t make you successful, rather you make the Degree a success. Speaking of common sense, isn’t it interesting that big name colleges invite college and high school dropouts to speak at their graduation ceremonies. Doesn’t that tell you something?

So the main keys to starting a paintball field and making it a success is, always follow your dream, Take Action, put in the work to make it happen and don’t listen to nay sayers, choose to be great! Enjoy this video below about how I started my paintball company:

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After starting more than 1,000 paintball fields and working with all kinds of celebrities , a Tim Tebow owned paintball field would be a great idea! As of today it’s still just an idea, but you never know.

So where am I going with this blog you may wonder. Well there is a lot we can learn from Tim Tebow’s situation in Denver and now in New York.

#1. Always be ready–  How can you book a party of 60 people if you only have 20 guns?  Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have the money I don’t want you go steal guns. Simply find a way to get guns, for instance you may want to call some of your friendly competitors if you have any, and see if they will rent you any guns. Or some of the local paintball stores may have guns to rent.  The time to find out is now, before you get the call for a 60 person party.  Also , now is a good time to start buying one  or two guns a week, before you know it you will have a full fleet!

#2. You never know where you might be sent- Your current landlord may change his tune or worse die, and the new land owners may want you gone, overnight. Now that’s a drastic scenario I know, but the point is, you never know what will happen. Trust me, after 25 years I have seen the above scenario happen a few too many times. So what do you do? Always keep an eye out for a better location! If you see one, contact the agent and go kick some dirt. Touch base with the agent every 6 months or so and see what’s on the market. I know everything is perfect now, just like it was with Tebow winning the Broncos first playoff game in forever. But things charge very quickly, so be ready.

There is never a dull moment when owning a paintball field, that is for sure. Lastly, make sure to e-mail me when Tim Tebow comes to your field!