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Starting a paintball field is one thing but marketing it is another. Here are some quick mind set tips I shared with a recent paintball field owner.

You need to look at paintball as the solution for people and companies problems. I.E. Companies need team building and stress reduction, you have it. So don’t promote “paintball” to companies, promote Team Building and Stress Reduction.

With people for the holidays your solution is “ family bonding” or simply something fun for the kids to do to get them out of your hair LOL.  If you have more questions about marketing or starting your paintball field check out or e-mail

First off let me explain how the whole Paintball Turf industry started. It was really out of necessity for indoor paintball fields. The challenge was 10 and 15 years ago most people could not afford turf and there really wasn’t much of a selection, so you were stuck with whatever you could get. However it was 1,000 times better than dirt or sand or whatever people dreamed up to put on the floor of their arena.

So sticking with our mission of helping paintball field owners start profitable and stay profitable we had to find a way to make turf cost effective that would work for paintball. Not an easy task dare I say. However after many years of trial and error and visiting manufacturing plants and tearing apart sample after sample. We finally found a manufacture in the U.S. to partner with who would actually help us cater to this unique industry. The best news is this is the only turf manufacturer who makes everything in house from pellets to backing and they are the largest in the world.

What this means to you is that Money Turf is the only Turf made for paintball. A few years ago the NPPL the top Pro league at the time approached us to make turf specifically for their league. The turf was such a hit everyone wanted it so the Money Turf GOLD was born. This lead to the City of Huntington Beach wanting our turf as well as the U.S. Air Force.

However these big name clients didn’t blind us to the fact that there are field owners on a fixed budget that need the best quality turf at a low price. Thus our Money Turf Bronze was born as well as our closeout division.

We also noticed that 75% of our sales were to outdoor fields! Paintball field owners were tired of their mud pits and others were spending thousands of dollars every few months to try to keep the grass alive. Plus field owners saw huge crowds at other fields that had Money Turf. All this excitment lead to my 5 year old son Joshua saying ” Daddy we need to turf the world!”.

In my next blog I will go over in detail about how turf is made and what to watch out for with the cheap or expensive imitations. Until next time…

Ok in this section we are going to cover everything about Turf and Paintball Turf. How it’s made, why the USA made turf is so much better. Indoor vs. Outdoor, why the N.P.P.L chose Money Turf. What the differance is with Paintball Turf vs. regular turf , how to clean it and much, much more.