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Starting a paintball field is one thing but marketing it is another. Here are some quick mind set tips I shared with a recent paintball field owner.

You need to look at paintball as the solution for people and companies problems. I.E. Companies need team building and stress reduction, you have it. So don’t promote “paintball” to companies, promote Team Building and Stress Reduction.

With people for the holidays your solution is “ family bonding” or simply something fun for the kids to do to get them out of your hair LOL.  If you have more questions about marketing or starting your paintball field check out or e-mail

Too often I see potential paintball field owners lose their dream because they couldn’t get financing for their $10 million dollar complex. They think they have to start big to make it work.

Paintball is one of those amazing businesses that can be grow over time. Do not be afraid of humble beginnings, below is an e-mail I got today that illustrates my point;


When I started my business it was small with 8 rental guns and cheapy paintballs from Wal-Mart. I was doing business out of the bed of my truck. Now, a year and a half later, I have 40 rental guns, co2 cylinders, HPA scuba tanks, and factory dealerships. Just recently, I have acquired some land and have started setting up a field. Soon I will have 2 fields. I have everything for my business inside a modified 20 ft. camping trailer that I pull with my truck. I’m still small by most people, but I still look back at where I was a year and a half ago and see what my small business has grown into. I now have a website that still continues to grow. I look forward to reading your newsletter every time I get it. It has been very informative and motivational. Thank You. Joe Reeder


So if you need to start like Joe then so be it, at least you are on the road to your dream instead of sitting on the side of the road playing the what if game.

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I just did a great interview with Ed from an adventure type website. This interview will give you a small snap shot of what I believe and what I write in my Blogs to you, the soon to be or existing paintball field owner.

Check out Ed has a really cool site, I was honored to be a part of it.

What compressor should you buy ?     This is a great question, the answer is simple. Buy a compressor built for paintball and buy from people who know what they are doing. The BITTERNESS of poor quality lasts longer than the SWEETNESS of a low price.

Too many people get lured into ” a deal” on a compressor from someone who has no clue about compressors. Compressors are not like DVD players, you don’t just plug them in. The reason the compressor is such a deal is because IT’S THE WRONG COMPRESSOR! 

99% of the time the compressor is to small. It also doesn’t have the options necessary to allow it to work for paintball. Buying a compressor is like buying a truck. Imagine if you called the company who sold you the computer you needed and you mentioned you needed a truck for your construction business to haul VERY HEAVY LOADS, say 5,000 lbs.

Your computer rep says ” Hey I have a deal for you, it’s got everything you need”. When the truck arrives it’s a 4 cylinder basic model tiny truck that can only haul 400 lbs.  Not going to work.

It’s the same with Paintball Compressors, these units need to work very hard to fill at high pressures. Too many people think, oh I can just sell my customer this and it will work. NOT THE CASE!

The compressor itself is just the beginning, the accessories needed to make a complete paintball system are also critical. Most compressor companies that sell High Pressure Systems sell to Fire Stations and Scuba shops. They have NO CLUE as to what a paintball field operator needs. They just say oh yea, this will work, but they don’t understand what happens in paintball.

Running a paintball field is like running a restaurant, everyone gets hungry at the same time and everyone wants air at the same time. So you need a big enough compressor to keep up with the demand. You also need fill stations that work! Too many people have purchased high price fill stations that were not intended for paintball, not only did they pay too much but they don’t work on top of that!

So what size compressor should I get? What options do I need?

I will answer all these questions in the next Blog. For now make sure you have read Compressors 101, click here to read: