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I just did a great interview with Ed from an adventure type website. This interview will give you a small snap shot of what I believe and what I write in my Blogs to you, the soon to be or existing paintball field owner.

Check out Ed has a really cool site, I was honored to be a part of it.

Well it’s been a bigger battle than even I could have imagined with Moneyball. For those of you that are new to the site or have not herd of hit simply click here to read about it:

Anyway the good news is we have finally made a break threw at ESPN!  I wish I could give you all the juicy details but for now just know that things are very close!

This project has been a big lesson for me, I knew all the haters would be out there and I knew people and even more so tournament paintball players are so resistant to change. However the negativity I got was a surprise, the good news is that it will all be worth it and we can finally get our great sport where it belongs!

For the record the name “Moneyball” is just a working name. My main goal is to get a format that works for T.V.  A rising tide raises all ships! When Paintball becomes a part of the X games our sport will begin to reach the next level.  More to come on this, stay tuned.