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After 15 years of starting over 1,000 paintball fields worldwide you can trust my Bold Prediction for 2010. Yes, take it to the bank, Paintball fields will increase their revenues by 25% in 2010! Now is the best time to start a paintball field. The economy is starting to recover, people have gotten over the fear factor and now they want to have some fun.

As I said on my last post, what does Bud Light know about the popularity of paintball that you don’t. Bud Light is banking on paintball because their millions in research show how popular paintball is with all of Americans. What I mean by popular is that paintball is a household name, everyone has heard of it. Yet 98% of Americans have not played it! But they want to! Most people simply don’t have a place to play. Build it and they will come.

What about retail sales? Good question. I have seen retail sales picking up but I still believe it’s going to be a while before retail recovers if at all. Right now people just want to play, they don’t want to own more stuff.

So hold your head high paintball field owners and get ready for a great 2010! if you have any questions or need help with starting or running your paintball field please visit or call 310-750-6218 or e-mail me:

The best thing about starting a paintball field is when billion dollar companies help advertise for you. That’s right, Bud Light is spending over 100 million dollars in it’s new ad campaign that features paintball. Why is this so important?

First off Bud Light didn’t just pull paintball out of a hat as a theme. They studied , researched and invested millions of dollars to make sure paintball was a good idea. This means that people from all walks of life are excited about paintball and now thanks to Bud Light people want go out and play more than ever.

If you have not started your paintball field, now is the time. Take advantage of this great exposure. Go to or call 310-750-6218 or e-mail me at

What makes a owing and starting a paintball field such a perfect business can be summed up in one word Excitement! Unlike Go carts, miniature golf or even laser tag, paintball has the excitement that can not be contained. Just like any this else exciting , it spreads!

Let me give you another example from another industry. Online gaming for those of you who don’t know creates more profit that TV and Movies combined! Yes it’s true, you can do your own research if you don’t believe me. One of the main reasons is the excitement level, people play for the first time and then get hooked. What happenes when they get hooked, they tell their friends and it grows like wildfire.  The gaming industry just started to advertise and the truth is they don’t have to! The excited players do all the marketing for them.

Just like in paintball, this is how the sport grew from a underground cult game to being a household name and being played around the world. People get excited and the literally “infect” all their friends with the paintball bug. Best of all they do it for free! This is why almost all outdoor paintball fields do so well even with terrible locations and poor service. The game is so exciting to play. I was reminded of this again this weekend as a good friend of mine described his yearly church retreat where they have a paintball field. We laughed as all his corporate and Hollywood friends acted like 7 year olds at Disneyland. He kept telling me how excited everyone was.

This is why I consider starting a paintball field to be a perfect business. The excitement of the game allows you to make so many mistakes as a business owner and still be able to turn a profit. Please note Indoor paintball fields play by a different set of rules because typically the rent or lease is a very large number. However in today’s market overhead has come way,way down!

If your looking for free tips on how to start a paintball field or just have more questions check out or call 1-866-999- MONEY or 310-705-6218

As a Paintball feild owner or someone starting a paintball field what Walmart does or does not do can greatly influence your business.  In one of my early blogs I reported Walmart’s intention of dropping out of paintball in their stores similar to what Cabella’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse have done.

As it turns out Walmart has decided not to abandon paintball in all it’s stores. Just like any product on a Walmart shelf, if it does not produce a certain margin or sales numbers, it’s gone and replaced with something else.

After talking with some qualified industry insiders Walmart has eliminated paintball from some stores and continues to do so. However in some stores they have simply reduced the shelf space and other stores have been unaffected. Walmart has continued to order paintball supplies through the first 3 quarters of 2009 and so far it looks like they will continue in the 4th quarter of 2009.

What is in store for 2010 in anyone’s guess and we will find out soon enough. I personally believe Walmart is a blessing for a paintball field . Why?  2 main reasons:

#1. If Walmart caries it then it must be safe or OK to do. Think about it, little Bobby wants to go play paintball for his next birthday party and Mama bear is concerned. However Mama bear did see paintball markers at Walmart the last time she was there, subconsciously this is a huge factor in her decision to let little Bobby play.

#2. It’s great advertising. Think about it, if you walk down the isle you can’t miss the paintball items. It gets you thinking about it. Many a bachelor party has been booked simply because some one walked down the isle and saw some paintball stuff and it gave them the idea to go play.

That’s it for today, for some great info on starting a paintball field go to :

As a Global Entrepreneur I have been blessed with the ability to see many other industries from the inside. To this day there is still something magical about the sport of paintball. My role is to work with paintball field owners and come along side them to help them start profitable and stay profitable. To do this I still need to know what it is that paintball players want and need. Below is a quote from a beginner paintball team that really says it all and I wanted to share it with you.

“First and foremost, I want to say thank you for the generosity you’ve displayed with the sponsorship of our team.  This is going to sound corny, but having the financial backing to compete in a complete tournament series has done something you may not have intended.  We haven’t competed in anything as brothers since we played hockey together 10 years ago.  Coming together on a team again has pulled us all a little closer and that is something that is awesome no matter how things turn out on the field.  So again, thank you for providing the vehicle for that improvement in our lives.”

This is just one of thousands of stories like this, the reason I share it is because owning a paintball field is so much more than just a business. So if you really want to make a difference in peoples lives then owing a paintball field is a great way to go.

I just did a great interview with Ed from an adventure type website. This interview will give you a small snap shot of what I believe and what I write in my Blogs to you, the soon to be or existing paintball field owner.

Check out Ed has a really cool site, I was honored to be a part of it.

I heard a speaker the other day say that more millionaires were created in the great depression than any other time in the 20th century. For those that have read my other blogs or heard me speak I have been “preaching” for some time about how the entertainment industries thrived during the great depression. people want to forget their problems, I have said this over and over.

People want to escape, that’s why as a paintball field owner you are in a great time in history. Movies, Day Spa’s and Disneyland are all booming right now and so is paintball. Take advantage of this time.

Sometimes we need to step back in order to make a bigger move forward. That is where paintball is right now. NPPL going bankrupt, Walmart pulling out of paintball, economic changes, just to name a few. So as a paintball field owner what does this mean to you. Well if you own a store it’s great news, Walmart is out of paintball as of June 09, so you can now sell low end markers again.

With the whole NPPL thing the manufactures that are left are now more open to working together and supporting beginner and player focused leagues like THE RPL

So as everyone stops to re access the paintball industry, I think at last we can get more unity that will allow us, dare I say, a shot at the Olympics. Look at any USA team or athlete that brings home the gold, that industry soars. Try getting some lap time at your gym pool, everyone wants to be Micheal Phelps. Women’s volleyball is making a huge jump here in So Cal and in many other places. You name it , when USA wins everyone is on the bandwagon. Imagine what that would do for the sport of paintball. Can it happen? YES! But we need people to work together which is always easier said than done.

I believe the paintball industry will re-group and be bigger , better and more unified than before. Won’t you join me!

As a paintball field owner this is a huge question. Because tournament players are a revenue source and a consistent one when managed correctly. I just saw an article in the LA Times that headlined  “Attendance is down and corporate sponsorship is drying up in NASCAR.” Gee sounds a lot like the PSP and the NPPL too. The main thing is not to panic, like I talked about in my other blogs ; people will always spend money for entertainment, this includes paintball.

I actually think what is happening is good for paintball because it forces people to change. I have been doing my part to help chance paintball for the better for the past 5 years and I will have some exciting news shortly. Wish I could give you all the details now but…. Well you will just have to tune in to my next blog and make sure you get on my mailing list. Go to and sign up now.

Well many people have been wondering what the NPPL or better yet how the NPPL is going to run things without Shawn Walker. Shawn and I started playing tournaments together back in the day of the Great Western Series. We played for Team Jester at the time and when Shawn went off to college I started my own tournament series. In the last 15 years I have been involed in every stage of paintball, from opening a field to a store to putting on events etc. Shawn and I share the same passion for paintball and when he graduated college he went to work for Dan Bonebrake and eventauly bought the XPSL from Dan. Then of course a few years ago Shawn sold the XPSL to Pacific Paintball and the bought the NPPL and had Shawn run the whole thing.

I’m not going throw any dirt around and say this guy did this and this guy did that but Shawn and the NPPL are no longer. So the players and the people in the industry that have been around for any length of time are wondering what the NPPL will be like without paintball people running it. The answer is , I don’t know. What I do know is that 2009 will be very interesting indeed.

I’m a huge proponent for Pro Paintball and I think it’s a critical part of the sport, the challenge is the industry has out grown the current format of the game. My hopes are that the NPPL and the PSP will finally “ get back” together so we can have a unified format and then make improvements from there.

As always I’m taking action and working on ways to better the sport and grow the industry, our Money Turf, the only turf designed for the sport of paintball has been holding up well for the last two years the NPPL has dragged it across the U.S.  Now when people see paintball for the first time on Fox Sports they see a World Class playing surface. This puts credability into the minds of people as they say “ wow these guys are playing on real turf.” Our Money Paintball Charity has helped to open up 6 new fields this year arcoss the nation. I have other things in the works for 2009 so stay tuned…..