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What compressor should you buy ?     This is a great question, the answer is simple. Buy a compressor built for paintball and buy from people who know what they are doing. The BITTERNESS of poor quality lasts longer than the SWEETNESS of a low price.

Too many people get lured into ” a deal” on a compressor from someone who has no clue about compressors. Compressors are not like DVD players, you don’t just plug them in. The reason the compressor is such a deal is because IT’S THE WRONG COMPRESSOR! 

99% of the time the compressor is to small. It also doesn’t have the options necessary to allow it to work for paintball. Buying a compressor is like buying a truck. Imagine if you called the company who sold you the computer you needed and you mentioned you needed a truck for your construction business to haul VERY HEAVY LOADS, say 5,000 lbs.

Your computer rep says ” Hey I have a deal for you, it’s got everything you need”. When the truck arrives it’s a 4 cylinder basic model tiny truck that can only haul 400 lbs.  Not going to work.

It’s the same with Paintball Compressors, these units need to work very hard to fill at high pressures. Too many people think, oh I can just sell my customer this and it will work. NOT THE CASE!

The compressor itself is just the beginning, the accessories needed to make a complete paintball system are also critical. Most compressor companies that sell High Pressure Systems sell to Fire Stations and Scuba shops. They have NO CLUE as to what a paintball field operator needs. They just say oh yea, this will work, but they don’t understand what happens in paintball.

Running a paintball field is like running a restaurant, everyone gets hungry at the same time and everyone wants air at the same time. So you need a big enough compressor to keep up with the demand. You also need fill stations that work! Too many people have purchased high price fill stations that were not intended for paintball, not only did they pay too much but they don’t work on top of that!

So what size compressor should I get? What options do I need?

I will answer all these questions in the next Blog. For now make sure you have read Compressors 101, click here to read:


Ok in this section we are going to cover everything about Turf and Paintball Turf. How it’s made, why the USA made turf is so much better. Indoor vs. Outdoor, why the N.P.P.L chose Money Turf. What the differance is with Paintball Turf vs. regular turf , how to clean it and much, much more.  

Insane would almost be a more appropriate word for what has gone on in paintball. If you really think about it, I mean really sit down and figure that Paintball is pretty much played everywhere in the world now: Russian, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Dubai ( UAE) All over Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, USA, Mexico , and all over South America.

The crazy thing is about 20 years ago one guy decided to take his Nelsplat Cattle marker with staining paint and shoot his buddy with it, and viola! An industry is born. Remember Paintball grew this fast BEFORE the internet. Ok now you know I’m old now because I was around PRE-WEB times 🙂

My wife and I still look at each other and can not believe what this industry turned into!

This section will feature Blogs on the industry in general and I will “flashback” to times in the Golden years for some of you who remember back in the day! We will also discuss some big names and who did what and a little bit on why the industry is the way it is.  Stay tuned!


First off welcome to my Blog. My goal is to give you the best of my 15 years of serving paintball field owners across the globe. Starting a Paintball Business is one of the safest business ventures you can make , when you do it right! Plus they are very profitable!

In these Blogs I’m going to add as much value as I possibly can to you so you can avoid as many mistakes as possible. This way you can start profitable and stay profitable.


Well it’s been a bigger battle than even I could have imagined with Moneyball. For those of you that are new to the site or have not herd of hit simply click here to read about it:

Anyway the good news is we have finally made a break threw at ESPN!  I wish I could give you all the juicy details but for now just know that things are very close!

This project has been a big lesson for me, I knew all the haters would be out there and I knew people and even more so tournament paintball players are so resistant to change. However the negativity I got was a surprise, the good news is that it will all be worth it and we can finally get our great sport where it belongs!

For the record the name “Moneyball” is just a working name. My main goal is to get a format that works for T.V.  A rising tide raises all ships! When Paintball becomes a part of the X games our sport will begin to reach the next level.  More to come on this, stay tuned.