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As promised here is a flashback for you on how paintball used to be. When I started in this industry back in the early 1990’s I worked at a company called T.A.S.O. Which stood for “ The Adventure Supplier & Outfitter “. You see back then the only people that played were guys in there late 20’s to early 40’s. Guys who had $$$$$ and who wanted “ Adventure”. It cost major bucks back then to play. A few years before I got that job I paid $5 for a 10 round tube of paint back in 1990. It was at one the local fields here in Southern California. I remember seeing some 30 year old guys with a case of paint (2,000 rds ) and I thought they were Millionaires!

Anyway when I started working at T.A.S.O the Semi Auto revolution was in full swing. Automags and Autocockers ruled the paintball world. The rental gun of choice was the VM-68. This gun weight like 20 lbs. Not only couldn’t you play if you were under 18 you couldn’t even pick up the gun!

My desk was next to Glenn Forrester , you know the guy who makes the “Legend” Paintball Gun, the man who coached Dynasty to all their titles. He had a “ PRO” team back then called “ G.B.D.” The good the bad and the deadly. In those days there was the Ironmen and basically everyone else. Bob Long and Dave Youngblood both played on the Ironmen and it was just like golf is today, Tiger and everyone else.

Pro events were all held in the woods with zero spectators. If someone tried to watch they would be accused of cheating and be beaten up on site. It truly was an interesting time.

Ok, more fun on my next Blog. See you then.If your looking to start a paintball field then Money Paintball is the site for you.