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I get asked this question about everyday sometimes up to 10 times a day. So it dawned on me that people would like some clear simple answers. So that is the purpose of this blog, however you will need to read my other blogs to fully understand what I’m going to write. I know most of you won’t and that’s too bad, because if you really want to get out of your dead end job or your sick and tired of corporate America or your an exhausted entrepreneur that wants a part time business with full time income ( over $30,000 a month in most cases) then you need to put in a little effort and read what I have for you.

With that said I will begin. First off I’m a huge believer that the possibilities are always greater than the impossibilities. Secondly starting a paintball field is one of the most forgiving and cash flow positive businesses that I have every seen. It really is the biggest secret in the business world. Those that treat it like a business create tremendous wealth for themselves and are a blessing to their community because of what the sport provides that no other sport can. I cover this in detail in my other blogs.

Ok now let’s get down to the question at hand for all you soon to be paintball field owners. The first step in any journey is to define reality and figure out where you are, then you figure out where you want to go. So let’s cover the first scenario- You want to start a paintball field but you have no business experience and no credit and you think that if you can just get the right business plan the bank will give you money:

If you do have a big dream and no credit its ok! Just face reality, NO BANK WILL LOAN YOU MONEY!

The ” business plan is irrelevant”.

However other people will loan you money! There are all kinds of private investors out there! No I’m not talking about Venture Capitalists. I’m talking Angel investors or Private Investors. These are people with LOT’S of money and want to help a dreamer! I’m an ANGEL INVESTOR myself so believe me I know. I can not stand the bureaucracy of banks etc.. So when someone approached me about a business that was working and just need some more $$$$ I was in! However I do charge a very large interest rate, and so will other Angel investors.

These people are out there but you need to find them, it’s called networking. I’m not going to go into that whole process but you need to be willing to open your mouth and start talking to people. Also you don’ t try it for a week then quit and say I couldn’t find anyone! If you want it bad enough you can find the right investor.

Also when you do find a potential investor, have you stuff ready, do your research find out exactly what it will cost. Print out the packages from my website find out what rent will be, figure out what you are going to change and here it is are you ready!!!! Have a basic business plan. You don’t need a $5,000 business plan, a pen and a calculator works fine, here is an example:

Equipment: $60,000 Indoor Turn Key Package

Rent: $5,000 per month (Includes heat, a/c etc)

Employees: 2 part time total  $3,000 per month

Revenue: Open 5 days a week 20 players per day = 400 players per month. $55 per player = $22,000

This is really all you need in the beginning stages, a potential investor would look at this and be happy to take the next step with you.

Another Option for financing is our NO CREDIT CHECK INSTANT FINANCING! Call us for more details on this!  310-750-6218 or Toll FREE 1-866-999-MONEY

Ok the next scenario is you have decent or good credit but no business experience and you think that if you can just get the right business plan the bank will give you money:

98% of the time the answer is NO WAY, NOT IN THIS LIFETIME.  Paintball is not on the banks radar, they don’t care how good the business plan is, Paintball is not considered a real business to them. “Ya but I know other people who have gotten money etc..”  These people already have a business relationship with their bank , that is why they got the money. However there are alternatives. So keep reading.

Trying to get a loan via a business plan at the bank has about the same probability as you winning the lottery in 98% of the cases that I have seen in my 15 years experience. So rather than fighting to be that 2% I recommend a much better way. Listen closely:

Step # 1 – Rent or Lease the land. I cover all the benefits of this in my other Blogs but the main reason is it costs you ZERO out of pocket! Land and building owners are more flexible than they have ever been.You are in the best time in history to start a field.

Step # 2- Take advantage of our 100% financing and the main reason again is that it’s ZERO out of pocket. You will need decent credit, 600 Fico score or higher is recommended if your a start up. However if you own a business already for more than 2 years your credit can be much lower.

Doing this plan allows you to open NOW! Once you open you can build that relationship with your bank. When they see the cash coming in on a monthly bases after about 6 months or a year the same guy that turned you down will be approaching you begging to let you borrow money. It’s the oddest thing and I have experienced it myself first hand. It just the way the game is played.

Take my advice, TAKE ACTION NOW and start your field , do it small if you have to and then build it up as you go. You will be glad you did. Feel free to contact us or call 1-866-999-MONEY

For more info on TAKE ACTION NOW my new bestselling book go to Amazon or for a special offer.

I heard a speaker the other day say that more millionaires were created in the great depression than any other time in the 20th century. For those that have read my other blogs or heard me speak I have been “preaching” for some time about how the entertainment industries thrived during the great depression. people want to forget their problems, I have said this over and over.

People want to escape, that’s why as a paintball field owner you are in a great time in history. Movies, Day Spa’s and Disneyland are all booming right now and so is paintball. Take advantage of this time.

Sometimes we need to step back in order to make a bigger move forward. That is where paintball is right now. NPPL going bankrupt, Walmart pulling out of paintball, economic changes, just to name a few. So as a paintball field owner what does this mean to you. Well if you own a store it’s great news, Walmart is out of paintball as of June 09, so you can now sell low end markers again.

With the whole NPPL thing the manufactures that are left are now more open to working together and supporting beginner and player focused leagues like THE RPL

So as everyone stops to re access the paintball industry, I think at last we can get more unity that will allow us, dare I say, a shot at the Olympics. Look at any USA team or athlete that brings home the gold, that industry soars. Try getting some lap time at your gym pool, everyone wants to be Micheal Phelps. Women’s volleyball is making a huge jump here in So Cal and in many other places. You name it , when USA wins everyone is on the bandwagon. Imagine what that would do for the sport of paintball. Can it happen? YES! But we need people to work together which is always easier said than done.

I believe the paintball industry will re-group and be bigger , better and more unified than before. Won’t you join me!

YES I believe it is when it’s done right. Just like Disneyland in southern California, I was there with my family a few weeks ago, no recession there. $94 to get in plus food and merchandising galore. Disneyland is alive and well and so are most paintball fields. WHY?

Because people want to escape there problems and have fun. Paintball does that, so do the movie theaters, they are packed! And of course Disneyland.

So if your a paintball field owner all ready then you must check out our teleseminar on ” how to recession proof your paintball field ” . No airports, no packing, no hotels and no JET LAG! Just listen in to a live conference call and get all the info from the comfort of your own homes. Q and A sessions so it’s the same as being there but no hassles or expenses of flying. Check out all the details here:

First off let me explain how the whole Paintball Turf industry started. It was really out of necessity for indoor paintball fields. The challenge was 10 and 15 years ago most people could not afford turf and there really wasn’t much of a selection, so you were stuck with whatever you could get. However it was 1,000 times better than dirt or sand or whatever people dreamed up to put on the floor of their arena.

So sticking with our mission of helping paintball field owners start profitable and stay profitable we had to find a way to make turf cost effective that would work for paintball. Not an easy task dare I say. However after many years of trial and error and visiting manufacturing plants and tearing apart sample after sample. We finally found a manufacture in the U.S. to partner with who would actually help us cater to this unique industry. The best news is this is the only turf manufacturer who makes everything in house from pellets to backing and they are the largest in the world.

What this means to you is that Money Turf is the only Turf made for paintball. A few years ago the NPPL the top Pro league at the time approached us to make turf specifically for their league. The turf was such a hit everyone wanted it so the Money Turf GOLD was born. This lead to the City of Huntington Beach wanting our turf as well as the U.S. Air Force.

However these big name clients didn’t blind us to the fact that there are field owners on a fixed budget that need the best quality turf at a low price. Thus our Money Turf Bronze was born as well as our closeout division.

We also noticed that 75% of our sales were to outdoor fields! Paintball field owners were tired of their mud pits and others were spending thousands of dollars every few months to try to keep the grass alive. Plus field owners saw huge crowds at other fields that had Money Turf. All this excitment lead to my 5 year old son Joshua saying ” Daddy we need to turf the world!”.

In my next blog I will go over in detail about how turf is made and what to watch out for with the cheap or expensive imitations. Until next time…