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I just did a great interview with Ed from an adventure type website. This interview will give you a small snap shot of what I believe and what I write in my Blogs to you, the soon to be or existing paintball field owner.

Check out Ed has a really cool site, I was honored to be a part of it.

One the questions I get all the time from people that want to start a paintball field is about tournaments. Yes they are a revenue source for a field owner but if they are done right they increase the player base.  This is what make the RPL so great:

1,000 spectators showed up for the first event held at the Bakersfield Fairgrounds 2/28-3/1/09. Over 50 teams competed and 47 of them were brand new teams. Money Paintball is proud to be a major sponsor of this new league that is rebuilding tournament paintball. Low entry fees, true beginner divisions and Pro Referees are just a few of the big improvements.

For the Bakersfield event Rich Telford was the Ultimate Ref and big names like Thomas Taylor were reffing as well as coaching the younger players. Plus signing tons of autographs. Shawn Walker has really proved that he does what he says and the whole sport is better for it.

For more info check out