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If this is the first blog of mine your reading then welcome, we are glad to have you. As a recap the Money Paintball Blogs are designed for people that are looking to start a paintball field or paintball field owners that need a few ideas or support.

This blog is all about Paintball Netting and why it can be such a pain in the rear to work with. First off you need to understand that in order for a Paintball net to meet the ASTM standards it must be able to stop 10 shots from 15 feet away at 300 feet per second.  NOT POINT BLANK SHOTS!  Let me be very clear on this, the ASTM standards for paintball netting do not require protection from Point Blank Shots. This is why the ASTM states you need a 15 foot buffer on both sides of the net. This means spectators should not be allowed  within 15 feet of the net. Nor should players on the other side.

I know what your thinking, most fields DO NOT DO THIS! You are correct and it is sad indeed. This is the main reason we have worked with the TUFF NET manufactures to build a net that can withstand pointblank shots. Click here for more info on that: Tuff Net Heavy Weave

The other issue with Paintball Netting is the wind. In order to stop a paintball the net has to be a tight weave, this does not allow for much wind to pass threw it. It’s critical to make sure you either get our pole system that allows you to lower your net or create you own pulley system. Otherwise you need to make sure to double cross brace your net on both sides. If you don’t you will simply need to buy new netting sooner than later because the wind will destroy it. I can’t tell you how many times I have sold netting to the same customer because they are simply too lazy to cross brace or lower their nets. Make sure to avoid this mistake. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions, our contact info is at