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What makes a owing and starting a paintball field such a perfect business can be summed up in one word Excitement! Unlike Go carts, miniature golf or even laser tag, paintball has the excitement that can not be contained. Just like any this else exciting , it spreads!

Let me give you another example from another industry. Online gaming for those of you who don’t know creates more profit that TV and Movies combined! Yes it’s true, you can do your own research if you don’t believe me. One of the main reasons is the excitement level, people play for the first time and then get hooked. What happenes when they get hooked, they tell their friends and it grows like wildfire.  The gaming industry just started to advertise and the truth is they don’t have to! The excited players do all the marketing for them.

Just like in paintball, this is how the sport grew from a underground cult game to being a household name and being played around the world. People get excited and the literally “infect” all their friends with the paintball bug. Best of all they do it for free! This is why almost all outdoor paintball fields do so well even with terrible locations and poor service. The game is so exciting to play. I was reminded of this again this weekend as a good friend of mine described his yearly church retreat where they have a paintball field. We laughed as all his corporate and Hollywood friends acted like 7 year olds at Disneyland. He kept telling me how excited everyone was.

This is why I consider starting a paintball field to be a perfect business. The excitement of the game allows you to make so many mistakes as a business owner and still be able to turn a profit. Please note Indoor paintball fields play by a different set of rules because typically the rent or lease is a very large number. However in today’s market overhead has come way,way down!

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