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After 15 years of starting over 1,000 paintball fields worldwide you can trust my Bold Prediction for 2010. Yes, take it to the bank, Paintball fields will increase their revenues by 25% in 2010! Now is the best time to start a paintball field. The economy is starting to recover, people have gotten over the fear factor and now they want to have some fun.

As I said on my last post, what does Bud Light know about the popularity of paintball that you don’t. Bud Light is banking on paintball because their millions in research show how popular paintball is with all of Americans. What I mean by popular is that paintball is a household name, everyone has heard of it. Yet 98% of Americans have not played it! But they want to! Most people simply don’t have a place to play. Build it and they will come.

What about retail sales? Good question. I have seen retail sales picking up but I still believe it’s going to be a while before retail recovers if at all. Right now people just want to play, they don’t want to own more stuff.

So hold your head high paintball field owners and get ready for a great 2010! if you have any questions or need help with starting or running your paintball field please visit or call 310-750-6218 or e-mail me:

The best thing about starting a paintball field is when billion dollar companies help advertise for you. That’s right, Bud Light is spending over 100 million dollars in it’s new ad campaign that features paintball. Why is this so important?

First off Bud Light didn’t just pull paintball out of a hat as a theme. They studied , researched and invested millions of dollars to make sure paintball was a good idea. This means that people from all walks of life are excited about paintball and now thanks to Bud Light people want go out and play more than ever.

If you have not started your paintball field, now is the time. Take advantage of this great exposure. Go to or call 310-750-6218 or e-mail me at