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Rule # 1. The possibilities are always greater than the impossibilities. Do you think paintball is the only business hampered by the banks unwillingness to loan money right now? Even people with perfect credit are unable to get financing. This means that land owners are thinking creatively.  Two new fields I’m working with are getting 6 months and 1 year free rent. Others are getting their land lords to finance the whole project.

So how exactly do you start a paintball field with no credit. The first this is you need to get educated, I would suggest reading these blogs getting our FREE 5 Keys to Starting a Successful Paintball Field and our other free resources located here:

Next you need to find the right locations and approach the land owners in a professional way. Put together a basic proposal, even just a basic word document with a few pictures and charts is all you need. The national average of Gross Profit per player is $50, if you run 100 players on Sat and Sun per month that’s $40,000! These kind of numbers get peoples attention.  If you had a piece of land or a vacant building sitting empty and someone approached you about how to bring in a gross profit of $40,000 a month wouldn’t you listen?

I won’t go into any major details in this blog but you can get the idea. Their are a lot people with money that have pulled out of the stock market or their low interest CD’s and are looking for other was to invest their money. People that own land or empty building typically have money to invest in your idea.

Ask and you shall receive!