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One of the biggest things I hear almost everyday that limits so many paintball field owners from starting a paintball field is a business plan. Did you know Author Blank co-founder of Home Depot sat at a coffee shop with his partner and drew up the Home Depot business plan on a napkin. Did you also know that when Author sat down to buy the Atlanta Falcons from it previous owner he pulled out a napkin during the meeting to write out the agreement! A $545 million dollar deal on a napkin!

You don’t need some fancy business plan to create a great business. All great things are simple. It doesn’t get much simpler than a napkin. So sit down and plan out your paintball business, you can get fancy and even put it on a piece of paper instead of a napkin.

Please note, I do understand that to get certain bank financing they may want to see a ” fancy business plan” and the the good news we have one. Best of all we will give it to your for free when you get one of our consulting packages. In 90% of the cases you won’t need a fancy business plan to start your paintball field, so relax, you can do this.

Lastly I have some videos on my Money Paintball Facebook page that talk about how to get an investor, check it out. You can also visit for more information on starting a paintball field.