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This just in, Money Paintball has an exclusive with Sup Air to produce the PSP Lite field 2011. This 20 bunker set is exactly what you need to start a paintball field and become successful! Why?  Because you get the same effect as 44 piece PSP field but with out the cost! You save thousands!

This exclusive bunker set includes the PSP logo on the bunkers as well as the new Mini Race 2 bunkers for 2011. Grab your set now: go to or click here:

Airsoft netting is not the same as paintball netting, that is for sure! Because airsoft bb’s are so much smaller than paintballs (even the .50 cal) you need a much tighter weave net.

Yes, we do carry airsoft net but please be warned, because of the tight weave any kind of wind will cause challenges. You must double cross brace your net on both sides if you want to win the battle with the wind. Contact us if you have any questions about this: or 310-750-6218

Also not all netting is created equal! We carry USA made net that has a UV rating of up to 20 years. Other manufactures use cheaper materials that do not hold up to the sunshine.

Click this link below to check out all our paintball netting and airsoft netting selections:

A famous CEO once said, “The best thing you can do for your company is to actually start the company.” Too many people get burdened with the details and never end up opening their paintball field. Every potential problem can be solved! The key is to start your paintball field.

As of this blog, sales and numbers of participants in paintball are way up for 2011 compared with 2010. They key to remember is that people will “always” and I mean “always” pay for entertainment, in good times and mostly in bad times. This means people will always be playing paintball but in 2011 people are also buying gear again, which is great.

So take advantage of all the low leases and flexible land lords that are out there. Start your paintball field today! Remember it’s better to open small and build your way up than it is to never open.

Paintball field owners and people looking to start a paintball field  had quote a scare recently. A law aimed at renegade airsoft had paintball markers lumped in. The law would have required all paintball markers to be painted bright orange. As in the entire marker.

Now if you are one to dismiss this blog because you are not starting a paintball field in California, pay attention. If it happens in California, it is sure to trickle down to your state. In fact it would happen much faster because the law makers in your state would point to California as the example.

The good news is that of this writing, paintball markers have been excluded from the law. Many thanks to Tippmann and the NPPL for getting the word out.

Lastly, if you are looking to start a paintball field, it’s important to note that your field would not suffer too badly if the law was passed. Yes a bright orange rental gun does take some of the fun out of it, but the magic of paintball is still the playing of the game and the splat. This is why owing a paintball field is one of the best businesses. Since commercial paintball fields have begun in the 80’s, paintball fields have continued to grow through multiple recessions and even the recent depression.