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This is a question I’m asked every day by people who want to start a paintball field. Below is a great answer from a legendary business consultant.

” Capital in your business isn’t what matters. It isn’t the money that buys you a future; it’s your skills that buy you a future. Money and no skills, I’m telling you, you are still poor. Money and no ambition, where are you? Money and no courage, you’re broke. A little bit of money and a whole lot of courage is all we need.”

So let me remind you, it’s courage to start your paintball field that counts. Most People want to stay in their cubical and play it safe. But after all the layoffs over the past few years, the cubical isn’t safe either. So the real reason people don’t start a business is fear! They are afraid to change. Interestingly enough, courage doesn’t mean you are not scared, it means you do it anyway in-spite of your fear.

Also it’s important that you work on your skills while you are looking for funding. Remember we offer 100% Financing, however you must have the skills to run your paintball field once you get the financing. The best way to get skills is to read all our blogs and all our free tools at In addition you can visit other paintball parks and take notes on what you like and don’t like and what you would improve. Lastly you can invest in some tools, like our bestselling e-book: How to Recession Proof your Paintball Field or use our consulting packages.

Just remember, have courage and get skills and the money will take care of itself.

More than likely you have counted the heads at the last paintball park you have visited and figured out how much the owner is bringing in. The national average is $50 Gross Profit per player, now subtract the rent and any employees and insurance and the rest is take home.

So if there are 100 people that’s $5,000( at 2 days a week that’s $40,000 a month) Yes $40,000 a month, now minus a few employees at $100 a day, that leaves plenty left over. Insurance is only $150 to $300 a month and rent is $1,500 on the low end to $10,000 a month on the high end. So the big question is, if it’s so good, how come there are not more paintball fields? The answer may shock you.

The simple answer is, people would rather sit in their lazy boy recliner and watch reality T.V. then start a business. Less than 1% of Americans start a business in any given year, LESS THAN 1%!!! 99% of people think that sitting in a cubicle is security and starting a business is risky. I encourage you to challenge that mindset and realize that sitting in a cubicle is risky! How many people do you know that have lost their job and their unemployment is starting to run out?

The next excuse… I mean reason people don’t start a paintball field is because they say they don’t have money. Well we offer 100% Financing and if you have bad credit we can teach you how to get private investors. One new field owner I’m working with had a private investor calling him twice a week begging him to use his money!

Decide today to Take Action and start your paintball field, for more info check out