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After starting more than 1,000 paintball fields and working with all kinds of celebrities , a Tim Tebow owned paintball field would be a great idea! As of today it’s still just an idea, but you never know.

So where am I going with this blog you may wonder. Well there is a lot we can learn from Tim Tebow’s situation in Denver and now in New York.

#1. Always be ready–  How can you book a party of 60 people if you only have 20 guns?  Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have the money I don’t want you go steal guns. Simply find a way to get guns, for instance you may want to call some of your friendly competitors if you have any, and see if they will rent you any guns. Or some of the local paintball stores may have guns to rent.  The time to find out is now, before you get the call for a 60 person party.  Also , now is a good time to start buying one  or two guns a week, before you know it you will have a full fleet!

#2. You never know where you might be sent- Your current landlord may change his tune or worse die, and the new land owners may want you gone, overnight. Now that’s a drastic scenario I know, but the point is, you never know what will happen. Trust me, after 25 years I have seen the above scenario happen a few too many times. So what do you do? Always keep an eye out for a better location! If you see one, contact the agent and go kick some dirt. Touch base with the agent every 6 months or so and see what’s on the market. I know everything is perfect now, just like it was with Tebow winning the Broncos first playoff game in forever. But things charge very quickly, so be ready.

There is never a dull moment when owning a paintball field, that is for sure. Lastly, make sure to e-mail me when Tim Tebow comes to your field!

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