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If you want to start a paintball field or start your paintball business, this question is usually one of your first. However the answer may surprise you. Because there is no right amount!  After starting over 1,000 paintball fields around the world I can tell you this, it’s not an amount, it’s a mindset.

For example, if borrowing $20,000 to start your paintball field will keep you up at night in cold sweats, and borrowing $10,000 is no problem at all, then $10,000 is what you should invest. Conversely, if you don’t have an issue borrowing $500,000 , then that is the best number for you. It’s all about what you are comfortable with.

I know what your going to ask, won’t the $500,000 field be so much better?  Again, the answer may surprise you. Any size paintball field or paintball park is 1 million times better than no park at all.  I personally know three  field owners who have been in business for over 16 years. They all started small and now their businesses have grown tremendously. Should they have waited until they got all the funding they needed? If they did, they never would have gotten started!

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Recently I have had quite a few new, would be field owners, ask me if they should take some kind of college courses or wait until they finish college before they start a paintball field. My answer is this: People don’t go to your paintball field because you went to college, they go because they want to have fun an escape from life for a while.

It’s also safe to say that the person teaching the “business class” has never owned a successful business before.  This isn’t always the case, but 99% of the time. I can guarantee they have never owned a successful paintball business.

This isn’t a slam on higher education but more of a common sense post.  The Degree you get from a college doesn’t make you successful, rather you make the Degree a success. Speaking of common sense, isn’t it interesting that big name colleges invite college and high school dropouts to speak at their graduation ceremonies. Doesn’t that tell you something?

So the main keys to starting a paintball field and making it a success is, always follow your dream, Take Action, put in the work to make it happen and don’t listen to nay sayers, choose to be great! Enjoy this video below about how I started my paintball company:

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