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The blogs, talk radio shows and every other media outlet are red hot with the ” Right to bear arms” debate. So we don’t need another one, however we do need to discuss if the despicable events of one man in a CT school will affect your paintball business and possibly starting a paintball field.

Over the last 20 years I have been in paintball, I have seen the sport crawl out of the woods and onto ESPN and my own #1 rated Los Angeles Prime Time Paintball Radio show and now back to the woods. Where and how paintball is played doesn’t matter. As a field owner you want to provide as many options for your customer as possible.  So the answer to the question I’m asked hundreds of times ” Woods or Speedball?”  Is … BOTH. What does matter is,  will our businesses be effected and be put in a negative light because we shoot guns at each other.

The answer is NO!  Paintball is not about guns, it’s about an experience, it’s about an escape from your everyday problems. The paintball ” marker” as we refer to it (and I highly encourage you to do the same thing) is simply the device that propels the paint.

The proof I have to offer is substantial. General motors has a 100 million, that’s right a 100 million dollar ad campaign that features paintball in it and THEY ARE STILL RUNNING THE AD! It’s an ad for Chevy Trucks where a Dad is asked what he does for a living and he flashes back in his mind to everything he does with his family and his Chevy truck and paintball is one of those activities. If the big boys at GM are still running the ad they know what I’m telling you now. Paintball isn’t about guns, it’s about an experience and of course a family experience. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO MARKET TO YOUR CUSTOMERS, especially at this sensitive time.

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