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Paintball field owners and people looking to start a paintball field always want to know what rental equipment is the best choice. Too often, field owners go for the lowest price or off brand paintball markers and end up paying a huge price. There are very few good choices for a rental marker (which we will discus today), while there are hundreds of choices for a personal marker.

If you still have not started your paintball field and are looking for the perfect personal paintball marker, check out They are not the typical retail paintball site. Yes they have great prices and FREE shipping but they also have detailed reviews plus  tips and tricks from paintball how to’s to help you succeed and even some uplifting motivational stories for you to read.  Their tag line is; helping you be the best at what you love the most. I think that’s pretty cool, You can check out their blog at
Now if your a field owner looking to upgrade your fleet or your ready to finally start your paintball field,  you need to take a few things into consideration. Take your favorite personal paintball marker and from about chest high drop it on the ground! I know, I know, you’d never do that in your right mind, well guess what? That’s the first thing your customer is going to do with his ” rental marker .”  I talked with a soon to be paintball field owner today who was really excited about having invert mini’s as rental markers, sounds good on paper but after an hour of rental abuse, not so good. Anything that takes battery’s or you have to charge up is not a good idea to rent out.  On the flip side, having a rental upgrade for a premium price to a nicer gun is a workable option. But make sure your paperwork says, you break it , you buy it and get the credit card first!

Lastly, it’s not always the customers that break your guns, look no further than your underpaid and over worked staff. Are they excited about gently taking care of the rental fleet at the end of a long day? I strongly recommend a rental marker that is built to last from a company that has stood the test of time. Do you know how many field owners are stuck with rental guns that they can’t get parts for? Also why bother copy cat guns? Get an original, from a manufacture that has been around for 10 or even 20 years.

If you have any questions on what rental markers to choose, e-mail me directly at  and check out for 100% financing and great package deals.