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Most people that want to start a paintball field or their own paintball business are very excited about having a legitimate 2 day work week. Only in paintball is this possible! Now I must confess, you will no doubt need a few extra days to count all the money that your paintball park will bring in, when you work with us and our proven success model.

Some may ask, how is this possible? It’s rather simple, for a small to medium sized paintball park you can have the phone # directed to your cell phone. More and more people are booking online which is nice, but most Mom’s still want to talk to a live person when booking a paintball party. So if you don’t mind a few calls while your on the beach or fishing or doing what you prefer during the week, you are all set. If the calls get to be too much, you can simply hire a service to take the calls for you. It’s a pretty basic script and again all the info is on your website. Or you can hire a highly skilled stay at home Mom to take the calls for you for a very reasonable price. Some Mom’s will do it at no charge if you let her son play at your field for free : )

Now the fun begins, your two day work week stars early and ends late, so your freedom Mon through Friday has a cost of giving up your weekends and holidays. Small price to pay to make $30,000 or more a month and have a blast doing it.

I’ll be the first to admit owning a paintball filed or paintball business isn’t always sunshine and roses, but it sure beats sitting in a cubicle all day or sucking up to your boss having to wear a suit and tie. So to each his own, a life of freedom and adventure and owning a business based on fun or doing what you hate. You decide.

With our 100% financing , custom field packages, paintball compressors, paintball turf and over 1,000 paintball fields started world wide, here at we can make your dream come true!