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If your looking to start a paintball field or paintball business, you will need financing ( which we provide) or money upfront to get everything off the ground. Many smart people hire me to consult them when starting a paintball field, simply because we have done it over 1,000 times around the world.  One question that comes up every time is ” should I buy land and or building or rent/ lease?” Great Question!

We do not recommend buying land or a building to start and this is what I tell all my consulting clients.  The 3 big reasons not to buy land are:

#1. You don’t know if you really have a great location. You can do all the research and still be wrong, you never know if you have a great location until you open. Renting or leasing land gives you options, so your not locked in if a better paintball field location opens up for less money.

#2. The current Real Estate market. We recommend doing a lease with an option to buy, this way you have the best of both worlds. If the market goes up you have an option to buy later at a low price. If the market goes down, you are safe and you can buy for the lower price.

#3. The out of pocket cost. As a start up paintball business “cash is king” , you need to preserve your cash on hand. When doing a lease in today’s market we have successfully negotiated  4 to 8 months free rent for our clients, saving them thousands upon thousands of dollars. We can do the same for you, call our office at 310-750-6218 and ask for Evan Money.

“Good business plans take thousands of hours to create, and then can be summarized on the back of a napkin. And you’ll look at the napkin more than the plan. Welcome to the world of owning your own business.” – Ryan Blair . Such a great quote and so true when starting a paintball businesses or laser tag or any extreme sports business.

I’m currently working with a successful young man who is opening an indoor paintball field, when looking for an investor he didn’t show them a business plan, he took the investor to an indoor paintball field that had 350 people that day.  Done deal!

So if your really serious about starting a paintball field or paintball business, relax about the business plan and realize the napkin is best!

To read about how Home Depot was formed on napkin business plan, click here ( )

With our 100% financing , custom field packages, paintball compressors, paintball turf and over 1,000 paintball fields started world wide, here at we can make your dream come true!