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For many paintball field owners, their favorite time of year is  September through October. Thousands of paintball and laser tag field owners are cashing in on the Halloween Haunt craze with their Money Paintball  battlewagons ( battle wagons)  and walk through mazes.

In fact one field owner in a small town of 40,000 people had 18,000 people take a $10 ride on his battlewagon ( battle wagon) in 45 days! Those are exciting numbers, no wonder paintball field owners want Halloween to be every month. Actually, it can be.

One of the main draws of the haunts is not the scare factor or the special effects, simply put, it’s the fact the people are not shooting back at them! THIS IS THE HUGE DRAW MANY PAINTBALL FIELD OWNERS MISS!

There are millions of people who would love to shoot something but don’t want to get hit back! That’s why the carnivals always have a packed section where you are shooting something that doesn’t hit back. Smart paintball field owners leverage this knowledge and create ways for people to have fun “one way” shooting experiences.  Here are some great examples:

ZIP LINE WITH PAINTBALL TARGETS-  This is the best of both worlds, many field owners have discovered the added revenue stream a zip line can offer, now give them something to shoot at.

SUPER HERO SHOOT- There are many paintball field owners that really don’t like the whole blood and zombie theme of Halloween. Many of these paintball field owners choose to have you shoot Super Heroes instead of Zombies. The best part is, there is always a new Super Hero movie coming out, plan your next Super Hero shoot around the release of the new movie. Why wait for Halloween?

FLYING TARGET RANGE- Laporte, the makers of Word Class Clay Target machines have now made something really amazing for paintball field owners. A flying target range, perfect for paintball and archery, check  out the videos here:

If your looking to start a paintball field of any kind, keep these ideas in mind.