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Yes, it’s true, the Denver Broncos players used paintball to help get them to the Super Bowl. As someone looking to start a paintball field or if your a current field owner, NFL stars like to play paintball. It’s one of the rare extreme sports their contract will allow them to do.  Take advantage of this!

Denver Bronco star linebacker #59 Danny Trevathan and his teammate David Bruton recently played paintball at our Franchise Paintball Field in Denver Colorado, The Paintball Park Aurora.  Danny was looking for a way to let off a little steam and have fun,  but he soon realized how paintball makes you a better leader. The Bronco defense is seeing this payoff big time.

So if you looking to start a paintball field or grow your existing one, reach out to a local NFL team or any sports team for that matter. The marketing possibilities are endless. Send me an e-mail if you need some tips with this.