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Before we look at the new game, let’s define the old game first. This applies to starting a paintball field or just life in general. The old game is waking up every day doing what you hate, go to work, come home, rinse and repeat. You were made for better than this. You are better than this!

The new game is doing what you love!  The new game is spending time doing something you believe in! Something that will not only create wealth for your family but create a better community. Do you think Southern California and Orlando Florida are better off because Walt Disney built parks there? Do the same for your community, provide a safe place for people of all ages to go and have a great time!

For the most part people are not coming to your park to play paintball, they are coming to escape their problems and have a great experience with family and friends. Tom Staggs, the chairman of Walt Disney Company’s parks and resorts says it this way. ” We’re known for castles and tea cups and cruise ships, but at the end of the day, we’re in the experience business.”  Step up and be the man or woman to provide this in your community, you will glad you did.

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