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Actually it’s the popular “WhatsApp” that Facebook scooped up for $19 billion, give or take in early 2014. So what does this have to do with starting a paintball field or the paintball industry for that matter?

Owning a paintball field is very similar to the social media business explosion in this way, they both don’ t play by the rules.  If you try to apply traditional business rules to “WhatsApp” or any of the recently purchased social media companies in the last 5 years, you will notice they all break the rules. Some would accuse Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg of spending money like a drunken sailor and that all the recent companies he purchased for billions of dollars are over valued. Perhaps Mark knows something these “so called” experts that have never started a company do not.

These traditional rules of business do not apply to paintball either. Some do, but many do not, simply because owning a paintball field is one of the most forgiving business models out there. When done correctly you have massive margins and you can barter just about anything you need with a ” Free Play” coupon.  These large margins allow you to make mistakes and still recover, unlike traditional businesses where one or two mistakes and your bankrupt.

With that said, I have seen many paintball field owners drive their businesses into the ground by simply snorting all their profits up their nose or finding numerous other vices to blow their cash on before the bank opens on Monday.

Numerous paintball field owners pocket all the cash ( approx 60% of revenue ) and simply report all the credit card transactions to the tax man. That’s a lot of cash on hand! Many can not handle it and they self destruct as the money “burns a hole in their pocket.”

The take away from all this is, to learn all you can from trusted advisers that actually know about the paintball industry and from trusted advisers about how to handle your wealth and your emotions.

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