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Recently our Flag Ship Paintball Franchise had the opportunity to work with Activision for their new “Call of Duty” release here in Los Angeles. For those that are big fans of the game, we re-created a paintball field of  Nuke Town, filled with remote controlled smoke bombs, powder paint bombs, and many other “surprises” for the players( checkout our facebook page for more pics). Needless to say, it was really cool.

Some may recall the paintball video games that Activison made in 2008 & 2009. Are they planning a new game? – Not to my knowledge, but I do have some good news for those looking to start a paintball field, or those that just got their fields going.

When people first dream about starting a paintball field, or even when putting together a basic business plan, many forget to include corporate events. Countless times I have had excited field owners call to order up supplies because they landed a huge corporate gig. For a large corporation, spending $50,000 to $250,000 for a day or weekend event is small potatoes in their world. Companies prefer to rent out your whole facility, so they can insure a great experience for their employees, clients or prospective new clients.

One challenge I see is that field owners will actually turn the business away; it really happens. They get scared that they don’t have enough equipment, or their mindset is too small to see themselves succeeding at that level. One of the most expensive things you can own is a poor mindset. Here is a quick solution if you are ever worried about not having enough equipment or picnic tables, etc.  For corporations, you always get a non-refundable 50% deposit from them. Some corporations will cancel at the last minute and give you a huge payday, it has happened and will continue to happen so don’t be surprised. Now take the 50% deposit and buy all the gear, picnic tables, easy-ups, and any thing else you may need. The best part is, you get to keep all this equipment and add it to your fleet! You still make money and the corporation has a great experience, which leads them to book another group with you. More fun and more money for your business.

For those that resonate with having a proper mindset, you understand the need to get around like-minded entrepreneurs. How would you like to enjoy a tax deductible business trip/vacation to sunny San Diego on February 2, 2017? On this trip, you will massively expand your success mindset and get around some like-minded entrepreneurs.  We are even giving away free rounds of golf on a PGA course as an early bird special. Enjoy a guided tour and Q&A at our 33 acre Flag Ship Paintball Park, from there enjoy a free round of golf, then join the winners for the next two days at

For more details on this one of a kind paintball field owner experience, e-mail: or call 310-750-6218