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Small things can make all the difference when running or starting a successful paintball business. If this is the first of our blogs that you are reading, it’s import to remind you that experience is everything. People don’t really want to play paintball “Per se”, they want to escape their problems, that is why they are coming to you. The better experience you give them the more fun they have, and the more money you make.

Our flagship franchise paintball park in southern California does over 60% of it’s business from referrals. People have a great experience and they can not wait to come back, plus they tell all their friends. The best way to start your customers great experience is with cool signs that are themed to your paintball park/entertainment complex. For example the picture in this blog,  I took it myself when walking through the parking lot of a unique restaurant called Mid-evil Times. This sign was the first thing I noticed and I loved it. I laughed out loud and pointed it out to my son. Even before I set foot inside their building or was engaged by any of their staff, I was already having a great experience. Use this strategy at your paintball park and watch what happens.

Years ago full color signs and banners used to be very expensive, now you can get these items a very low prices. Take advantage of this and create a fun and memorable experience for you customers and watch your profits soar!

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