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Lance Armstrong to start a paintball field?

Now that Lance Armstrong is done fighting all the people that don’t like him, I’m assuming for passing all his drug tests. He can now focus on his charity and paintball would be a great addition. In Lance’s latest post on his website today he said that his foundation focuses on serving people and families affected by cancer. What better way than to start a paintball field!

Here at Money Paintball we have supported many charity based paintball fields through our own charity. Paintball is such a great sport because anyone can play in any condition. Some may not be in a condition to get shot back but they sure can enjoy doing some shooting.

Even if you have started a paintball field already or are still planning, I encourage you to create some space to do some charity work. It could be once a year, once a quarter, once a month or more. Something is better than nothing. It could be as simple as allowing inner city youth to play for free once a month. Worried about the cost?  Give them the new splatmaster guns, they could play all afternoon and a group of 10 would only use one case of paint max!

If your totally clueless on what charity to support with your paintball field don’t worry. Just  put up a little paper sign by your registration that says: Do you know a good charity? We want to help!  and watch what happens!

There is a lot of magic in giving, try it!

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