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Brad Pitt and Angelina to do a paintball wedding?

I was at the dentist not too long ago and I came across the People magazine with Angelina Jolie talking about a paintball wedding on the cover. Needless to say it got my attention! If your looking to start a paintball field or your a long time paintball field owner, pay close attention.

Most Americans and now the world want so desperately to do what movie stars do. Take advantage of this global FREE advertising campaign, courtesy of  People magazine. This magazine is read by 42 million people and seen by over 150 million. That is half of the U.S. population!  They have all seen the cover and thought; Hmmm, a paintball wedding, that’s interesting.

Do you advertise paintball weddings on your website now? Why not? Have you sent out an email blast to your existing customer list offering a paintball wedding?  Take Action and do it right now, here is an example of what to say:

Subject line: Paintball Wedding like Brad Pitt and Angelina.

(Remember, the only purpose of a subject line is to get them to open the e-mail.)

Email Body: I’m sure you saw the recent People magazine talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina’s paintball wedding. Now you can do it too. Etc.. Etc… Etc… you can fill in the rest. Make sure to offer in the e-mail  a special promo coupon, like a buy one get one free for all your customers that are not ready to get married : )

Don’t panic, you don’t need to hire a wedding coordinator yet! But this may turn out to be a home run for your paintball field.  Are you going to do a wedding every weekend? Not likely, but you will book 100% more weddings by letting people know it’s available.

Next and most importantly, this article puts paintball on the front of people’s minds. Just like we talked about in previous blogs with Bud Light’s huge paintball campaign. Now that people are already thinking about paintball, they just need a good excuse to go play. Like a promo e-mail from you or a special Living Social campaign done right,  where you actually make money. We can do that for you at no charge! Just give us a call 310-750-6218 or e-mail

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