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Make memories to make more money.

If your starting a paintball field, looking to grow your existing paintball field or just want to raise your profits, this blog is for you.

Disneyland is by far the Gold Standard for monetizing memories, however many of those formulas are a challenge to duplicate at a paintball field. So I’m going to use the famous nationwide restaurant Benihana for my example today. The founder was light years a head of his time, actually cooking in front of you and doing fun food tricks. 30+ years before Food network was even invented.

So why bring them up, well, if your celebrating a birthday or special event there, they take your picture and then print it out on the spot, then give it to you in a Benihana frame before you leave. It’s a great memory and a great keep sake to stick on the fridge. But again, not the easiest to duplicate at a paintball field.

Here is what you can do for FREE along the same lines, and it’s very effective. When doing private groups or birthday parties, have your head reff or field manager, grab some shots on their smart phone or your designated device. Take some shots in the staging area and also behind the nets of the birthday boy or group leader in action. Then approx 1  week later e-mail Mom or the group leader the pictures. With a little thank you for coming note and a request for them to refer some new business to you.

It works like a charm, Take Action and try it today! For more great idea blogs check out the bottom of

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