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I just received an honorary doctorate over the weekend, very humbling and exciting. So what does this have to do with Starting a Paintball Field or any business for that matter?

For many of us, there is always something holding us back from pursuing our dream of owning a successful paintball, laser tag/ entertainment business. ( Read my previous blogs to fully understand the entertainment reference ) Sometimes, what is holding us back is permission. As a product of the public education system, I was “incarcerated” to a system that told me when to get up, when to sit down and when to be hungry, with the guidance of school bells, just like Pavlova and his dog.  I never heard from my teachers, or principal or even my family that it was “ok” to start a business. Be it a paintball business or any other kind.

So now as a Ph.D I’m officially giving you permission to start your successful business. Go and do great things and live your dreams. We are here to help, with 100% financing, turn key solutions and even a franchise option, we can make your paintball dream a reality.

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