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The Truth about financing.

Remember: what you deserve and what you qualify for are always two different things. This applies to people looking to start a paintball field or existing successful business owners looking for growth loans. Here are a few examples and see if you can relate.

I helped a business owner with a growth loan of $500,000. He had excellent credit and his long time business was thriving. He need some more capital to grow, the challenge was he had a current SBA loan. Traditional banks won’t do a business loan in second position to a SBA loan. Regardless of strong the business is or how great the credit.  However we got him the loan at a great rate in-spite of what the traditional banks said.

I helped a 5 year + business get a micro cash loan to grow and expand. They had good credit and their business was on the rise, the banks and investors didn’t want to give him the full amount he needed because he was a home based business. They were penalizing him for being prudent and not wasting money on fancy office space. Makes no sense.

The moral of the story for people looking to start a paintball field or grow their existing paintball or entertainment business is this. It’s personal to you but not to the banks. All they see is numbers on a screen, they do not see common sense.  Here at Money Paintball we know it’s personal to you and it’s personal to us. We want you to succeed and we will leverage all our investor and banking relationships to help you turn your dream into reality. The possibilities are always greater than the impossibilities at Money Paintball.

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