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A paintball field owners story.

If you seriously looking to start a paintball field or you already have, this blog is a must read. Below is an email I recently got from a current paintball field owner, telling his journey on the entrepreneur roller coaster. Enjoy the ride.

Evan you might not know me, even though I get your emails, watch you on a few YouTube videos and podcasts, but I’d like to say “Thank You” for helping me.

I didn’t shoot this email to you to ask for money, but just to encourage others with my paintball story who might be going through what I went through and to keep their head up even when things were going south….and I’ve learned that in all thing “Give Thanks”, in the good and the bad times give thanks.

I started in 2009 and I had a nice outdoor tactical field.
The property that I found I was paying rent for and at that time I had a great job.
I marketed my business just as any field operator should via commercial, Facebook, Newspaper, Radio, E-Mails and things were going good. I even had a friend who works in the largest hotel near my field and she is head of guest activities and she was very interested in trying to shuttle people back and forth, but when she visited my field, she thought it was a indoor facility.

She told me because of the business being on the outside and the Tactical field that I had which had cars, vans, tires etc, that it would of been more of a liability….so after she said that, I knew what my next step was, which was to try to get my paintball business indoor. 2015 came and I upgraded my field to a speedball field which was the best investment I made last year because I said, if one day comes where I have to move off the property, at least the cars and obstacles would be off the property and I would only have to remove my 40ft container. And to mention the fact that speedball was making way more money than tactical paintball.

In March I got a psp style paintball field ,it was awesome and what happen next, was a serious blow….I lost my job, things became extremely slow and when summer time came the majority of the kids went to camp or summer school or vacation and then towards the end of August (back to school rush) we might of had 12 people come to play. September 1st I had to close down being behind on rent and staff left to look for new jobs and it was knife to the chest.

So after I closed down, I went mobile and the strangest thing happened…I started hosting private events with my paintball bunkers, and then I had an idea…why don’t I save up some $ from these events to buy my property and put up a 50×120 building which can not only be used for paintball, but can be rented out as well. Imagine having 150-300 Tourist visiting my business on a daily basis from 1 hotel ….and that’s not the other hotels on board.

So now I am on that track to secure my paintball property and put up my building and I am very close to obtaining that. My faith is in God and I feel as if this is his plan for me, when 1 door closes another one opens.

My friend Darren Hardy wrote a good book titled The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, check it out if you want a helpful read on the proper mindset on how to start a paintball field or any business.

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