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Rather than telling you what you want to hear about starting a paintball field , I have chosen to tell you the truth. Unlike most Real Estate agents who have been saying for the last year the market has hit the bottom and now is the time to buy.

The truth is that the retail world of paintball has taken a hit, with brick and motor stores being hit the hardest. The top retail websites are still doing well but for the most part people are not buying a lot of paintball gear.

The truth is people are playing paintball at the same rate or more but they are not running out and buying gear like they used to. So NOW IS THE TIME to start a paintball field but it’s not the best time to open a store.

Good times or bad times people will always pay money they don’t have for low price entertainment. Video Games, Movies and Alcohol sales are booming right now, proof that people want to escape and have fun.

Take advantage of these times and start your paintball field today. Check out and get your free report on the 5 keys to running a successful paintball field.