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It’s ok Ohio State fans!

We don’t have to be Wolverine fans to appreciate that one of the top coaches in the NFL and college ranks is a huge paintball fan.

Leverage this credibility to book more corporate team-building private groups.

You can also use this to help persuade any county, city or town boards to approve zoning for your paintball field.

Here at Money Paintball we are here for you. Let us know how we can help your paintball dream come to life.





Paintball Experance


Small things can make all the difference when running or starting a successful paintball business. If this is the first of our blogs that you are reading, it’s import to remind you that experience is everything. People don’t really want to play paintball “Per se”, they want to escape their problems, that is why they are coming to you. The better experience you give them the more fun they have, and the more money you make.

Our flagship franchise paintball park in southern California does over 60% of it’s business from referrals. People have a great experience and they can not wait to come back, plus they tell all their friends. The best way to start your customers great experience is with cool signs that are themed to your paintball park/entertainment complex. For example the picture in this blog,  I took it myself when walking through the parking lot of a unique restaurant called Mid-evil Times. This sign was the first thing I noticed and I loved it. I laughed out loud and pointed it out to my son. Even before I set foot inside their building or was engaged by any of their staff, I was already having a great experience. Use this strategy at your paintball park and watch what happens.

Years ago full color signs and banners used to be very expensive, now you can get these items a very low prices. Take advantage of this and create a fun and memorable experience for you customers and watch your profits soar!

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Recently our Flag Ship Paintball Franchise had the opportunity to work with Activision for their new “Call of Duty” release here in Los Angeles. For those that are big fans of the game, we re-created a paintball field of  Nuke Town, filled with remote controlled smoke bombs, powder paint bombs, and many other “surprises” for the players( checkout our facebook page for more pics). Needless to say, it was really cool.

Some may recall the paintball video games that Activison made in 2008 & 2009. Are they planning a new game? – Not to my knowledge, but I do have some good news for those looking to start a paintball field, or those that just got their fields going.

When people first dream about starting a paintball field, or even when putting together a basic business plan, many forget to include corporate events. Countless times I have had excited field owners call to order up supplies because they landed a huge corporate gig. For a large corporation, spending $50,000 to $250,000 for a day or weekend event is small potatoes in their world. Companies prefer to rent out your whole facility, so they can insure a great experience for their employees, clients or prospective new clients.

One challenge I see is that field owners will actually turn the business away; it really happens. They get scared that they don’t have enough equipment, or their mindset is too small to see themselves succeeding at that level. One of the most expensive things you can own is a poor mindset. Here is a quick solution if you are ever worried about not having enough equipment or picnic tables, etc.  For corporations, you always get a non-refundable 50% deposit from them. Some corporations will cancel at the last minute and give you a huge payday, it has happened and will continue to happen so don’t be surprised. Now take the 50% deposit and buy all the gear, picnic tables, easy-ups, and any thing else you may need. The best part is, you get to keep all this equipment and add it to your fleet! You still make money and the corporation has a great experience, which leads them to book another group with you. More fun and more money for your business.

For those that resonate with having a proper mindset, you understand the need to get around like-minded entrepreneurs. How would you like to enjoy a tax deductible business trip/vacation to sunny San Diego on February 2, 2017? On this trip, you will massively expand your success mindset and get around some like-minded entrepreneurs.  We are even giving away free rounds of golf on a PGA course as an early bird special. Enjoy a guided tour and Q&A at our 33 acre Flag Ship Paintball Park, from there enjoy a free round of golf, then join the winners for the next two days at

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You read it correctly, if your looking to start a paintball field, laser tag business or any entertainment business, we have got you covered with 100% financing. Yes, our rates start at 7%. However if you filed bankruptcy last week or your home just got foreclosed on, your rate will be higher.

Yes, we can finance you even with a recent BK or if you just lost your home. We have many investors of all shapes and sizes to get just about any deal done. We are here to make your dream of owning a successful business a reality.

Let’s make sure we are all on the same page before we go any further. If you walk into a bank and ask for a car loan, they will put you in a comfy chair, give you something to drink and say YES. Your interest rate will be based on your credit score but just about anyone will finance a car, at a really low rate. Simply because the car is easy to repossess.  Same with a home loan, very low interest rate because the bank can take the home back easily. On the flip side,  85% of small business fail in the first 2 to 3 years, so the same bank that says yes to a car and yes to a house loan will show you the door when you ask for a business loan, or simply string you along for 3 to 4 months before they say no.

Question for you, if someone approached you asking to invest money and they said their deal has a 85% chance of failure in the first 2 to 3 years, would you invest?

Now that we have covered that, we have numerous sources of banks and investors that want to put money into paintball businesses, laser tag and entertainment business. Even if you have the worst credit known to man, we have groups that will help. Our rates start at 7% and go up from there based on your situation and everyone is different. So give us a call or e-mail and see what we can do for you: 310-750-6218  or

If you seriously looking to start a paintball field or you already have, this blog is a must read. Below is an email I recently got from a current paintball field owner, telling his journey on the entrepreneur roller coaster. Enjoy the ride.

Evan you might not know me, even though I get your emails, watch you on a few YouTube videos and podcasts, but I’d like to say “Thank You” for helping me.

I didn’t shoot this email to you to ask for money, but just to encourage others with my paintball story who might be going through what I went through and to keep their head up even when things were going south….and I’ve learned that in all thing “Give Thanks”, in the good and the bad times give thanks.

I started in 2009 and I had a nice outdoor tactical field.
The property that I found I was paying rent for and at that time I had a great job.
I marketed my business just as any field operator should via commercial, Facebook, Newspaper, Radio, E-Mails and things were going good. I even had a friend who works in the largest hotel near my field and she is head of guest activities and she was very interested in trying to shuttle people back and forth, but when she visited my field, she thought it was a indoor facility.

She told me because of the business being on the outside and the Tactical field that I had which had cars, vans, tires etc, that it would of been more of a liability….so after she said that, I knew what my next step was, which was to try to get my paintball business indoor. 2015 came and I upgraded my field to a speedball field which was the best investment I made last year because I said, if one day comes where I have to move off the property, at least the cars and obstacles would be off the property and I would only have to remove my 40ft container. And to mention the fact that speedball was making way more money than tactical paintball.

In March I got a psp style paintball field ,it was awesome and what happen next, was a serious blow….I lost my job, things became extremely slow and when summer time came the majority of the kids went to camp or summer school or vacation and then towards the end of August (back to school rush) we might of had 12 people come to play. September 1st I had to close down being behind on rent and staff left to look for new jobs and it was knife to the chest.

So after I closed down, I went mobile and the strangest thing happened…I started hosting private events with my paintball bunkers, and then I had an idea…why don’t I save up some $ from these events to buy my property and put up a 50×120 building which can not only be used for paintball, but can be rented out as well. Imagine having 150-300 Tourist visiting my business on a daily basis from 1 hotel ….and that’s not the other hotels on board.

So now I am on that track to secure my paintball property and put up my building and I am very close to obtaining that. My faith is in God and I feel as if this is his plan for me, when 1 door closes another one opens.

My friend Darren Hardy wrote a good book titled The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, check it out if you want a helpful read on the proper mindset on how to start a paintball field or any business.

Remember: what you deserve and what you qualify for are always two different things. This applies to people looking to start a paintball field or existing successful business owners looking for growth loans. Here are a few examples and see if you can relate.

I helped a business owner with a growth loan of $500,000. He had excellent credit and his long time business was thriving. He need some more capital to grow, the challenge was he had a current SBA loan. Traditional banks won’t do a business loan in second position to a SBA loan. Regardless of strong the business is or how great the credit.  However we got him the loan at a great rate in-spite of what the traditional banks said.

I helped a 5 year + business get a micro cash loan to grow and expand. They had good credit and their business was on the rise, the banks and investors didn’t want to give him the full amount he needed because he was a home based business. They were penalizing him for being prudent and not wasting money on fancy office space. Makes no sense.

The moral of the story for people looking to start a paintball field or grow their existing paintball or entertainment business is this. It’s personal to you but not to the banks. All they see is numbers on a screen, they do not see common sense.  Here at Money Paintball we know it’s personal to you and it’s personal to us. We want you to succeed and we will leverage all our investor and banking relationships to help you turn your dream into reality. The possibilities are always greater than the impossibilities at Money Paintball.

I just received an honorary doctorate over the weekend, very humbling and exciting. So what does this have to do with Starting a Paintball Field or any business for that matter?

For many of us, there is always something holding us back from pursuing our dream of owning a successful paintball, laser tag/ entertainment business. ( Read my previous blogs to fully understand the entertainment reference ) Sometimes, what is holding us back is permission. As a product of the public education system, I was “incarcerated” to a system that told me when to get up, when to sit down and when to be hungry, with the guidance of school bells, just like Pavlova and his dog.  I never heard from my teachers, or principal or even my family that it was “ok” to start a business. Be it a paintball business or any other kind.

So now as a Ph.D I’m officially giving you permission to start your successful business. Go and do great things and live your dreams. We are here to help, with 100% financing, turn key solutions and even a franchise option, we can make your paintball dream a reality.

If your starting a paintball field, looking to grow your existing paintball field or just want to raise your profits, this blog is for you.

Disneyland is by far the Gold Standard for monetizing memories, however many of those formulas are a challenge to duplicate at a paintball field. So I’m going to use the famous nationwide restaurant Benihana for my example today. The founder was light years a head of his time, actually cooking in front of you and doing fun food tricks. 30+ years before Food network was even invented.

So why bring them up, well, if your celebrating a birthday or special event there, they take your picture and then print it out on the spot, then give it to you in a Benihana frame before you leave. It’s a great memory and a great keep sake to stick on the fridge. But again, not the easiest to duplicate at a paintball field.

Here is what you can do for FREE along the same lines, and it’s very effective. When doing private groups or birthday parties, have your head reff or field manager, grab some shots on their smart phone or your designated device. Take some shots in the staging area and also behind the nets of the birthday boy or group leader in action. Then approx 1  week later e-mail Mom or the group leader the pictures. With a little thank you for coming note and a request for them to refer some new business to you.

It works like a charm, Take Action and try it today! For more great idea blogs check out the bottom of

I was at the dentist not too long ago and I came across the People magazine with Angelina Jolie talking about a paintball wedding on the cover. Needless to say it got my attention! If your looking to start a paintball field or your a long time paintball field owner, pay close attention.

Most Americans and now the world want so desperately to do what movie stars do. Take advantage of this global FREE advertising campaign, courtesy of  People magazine. This magazine is read by 42 million people and seen by over 150 million. That is half of the U.S. population!  They have all seen the cover and thought; Hmmm, a paintball wedding, that’s interesting.

Do you advertise paintball weddings on your website now? Why not? Have you sent out an email blast to your existing customer list offering a paintball wedding?  Take Action and do it right now, here is an example of what to say:

Subject line: Paintball Wedding like Brad Pitt and Angelina.

(Remember, the only purpose of a subject line is to get them to open the e-mail.)

Email Body: I’m sure you saw the recent People magazine talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina’s paintball wedding. Now you can do it too. Etc.. Etc… Etc… you can fill in the rest. Make sure to offer in the e-mail  a special promo coupon, like a buy one get one free for all your customers that are not ready to get married : )

Don’t panic, you don’t need to hire a wedding coordinator yet! But this may turn out to be a home run for your paintball field.  Are you going to do a wedding every weekend? Not likely, but you will book 100% more weddings by letting people know it’s available.

Next and most importantly, this article puts paintball on the front of people’s minds. Just like we talked about in previous blogs with Bud Light’s huge paintball campaign. Now that people are already thinking about paintball, they just need a good excuse to go play. Like a promo e-mail from you or a special Living Social campaign done right,  where you actually make money. We can do that for you at no charge! Just give us a call 310-750-6218 or e-mail