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In today’s online world, starting a paintball field is now much easier and also harder at the same time. Allow me to explain briefly. E-mail, Texts, Facebook, Twitter & Chat Rooms have made getting the word out about your paintball field easier than ever. Simple word of mouth advertising has become 500% more powerful because of the instant communication tools we have. If people had a great time at your paintball field, guess what? They will tell the world, usually while they are still at your field via Twitter or Facebook.

However if they don’t have a good time or worse you have some “haters” who don’t want your paintball field to succeed, these same communication tools can cause some challenges. Here are some key reminders to help you out:

Criticism will come, 100% guaranteed! The only way to avoid criticism is to not open or run a paintball field. On top of that stay inside your house and never come out and never talk to anyone. Ridiculous I know, but whenever there is movement there is friction. You can never keep everyone happy, no matter what someone will be unhappy. Just make sure it’s not you.

Below are the 4 types of criticism and some comments from me in ****

A) Concerned criticism. This criticism is based on genuine concern for you as a person. The person making the critique genuinely cares about your well being. Concerned criticism is helpful, considerate, and generally easy to accept.

***This usually comes in the form of family and friends who are worried about you and your crazy idea to start a paintball field. To help these people,  you can sit down and show them the numbers to help them understand how profitable a paintball field can be and that your not risking it all on some wild scheme. ***

B) Constructive criticism. This type of criticism is focused on improving your paintball field. It points out what is wrong in order to help you do better. It suggests alternative ideas and then provides encouragement and support.

*** Sometimes you can get this type of criticism from your customers and be so very thankful for it. This means your customers want to come back and that they like you. Otherwise they wouldn’t waste their time criticizing, they would just go play somewhere else. ***

C) Casual criticism. Casual or uncaring criticism is difficult to receive It is often blunt and opinionated and is frequently a result of poor judgment on the part of the critic. Often the critic doesn’t have the knowledge to successfully evaluate the situation. Because of this, casual criticism may be more false than true.

*** This is what most of the online criticism is. I have seen it countless times, horrific rants of people talking about how bad a paintball field is on a message board or chat room. Then when pressed by other members or people leaving posts they admit that they had never even been to the field and it was just a “friends” experience that they heard about.***

D) Confrontational criticism. This criticism is hostile and may be based on anger, fear, jealousy, prejudice, or similar negative emotions. It usually has an ulterior motive.


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