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Too often I see people who get all excited about starting a paintball field, they put the time and effort in and then they hit a road block and quit! It’s almost as if they were looking for an excuse to get out of it. Other times I get calls from customers who I have not talked to in a year and they say something like ” Hey Evan , I know it’s been a while but thanks to your help I finally overcame everything and I’m ready to start, here is my first order.”

Sadly most people end up giving up which is why this quote from Nick Vujicic is so important. Nick says,  Failure is not important, how you over come it is. If you are not familiar with Nick then just Google him to find his story and I guarantee after you read about him your minor road block for you paintball field or anything in your life will look much different.

Remember the possibilities are always greater than the impossibilities.