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As the world leader in starting profitable paintball fields around the globe we have seen some big mistakes in our 15 years. The goal of this article is to give you the top 3 in the hopes that you can avoid them. Some of them may surprise you so be sure to read carefully so you don’t make these painful mistakes.

#1. Starting a retail store- This is by far the biggest mistake of them all but it’s not what your thinking. A retail store can be a nice profit center for a paintball field owner however the biggest mistake is trying to open the store and the field at the same time. All my successful field owners with stores have waited 60 to 120 days after their grand opening before they even attempted to get their store open. Your field will bring you 90% to 95% of your profits compared to 5% to10% from a retail store. Focus on the major things first and make sure you have a handle on running your field before you even consider opening a store.

Some of the main reasons to wait include the cost of  stocking a store. You need various sizes and colors and before you know it you have spent $20,000 and you don’t have much to show for it. Next the only reason people buy from a retail store and not online is because the store has exactly what they want. In paintball it’s not possible to stock every color or size and if you tell the customer you will order it for him he will just get on his iphone and order it himself for less. In today’s market it’s not possible to compete with the Internet. Another issue is theft, it’s not a matter of ” if ” it’s a matter of when. You will have product disappear and walk out the door and too often you will get broken into. Lastly you need to be very aware of all the new products and technology, make sure you are not sitting on and old version of something, otherwise it’s money down the drain.

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#2. Not taking action- Too many people day after day, month after month, drive by the same empty building or vacant lot and say to themselves ” this would be a perfect spot to open a paintball field.” Sadly they never take action only to see someone else cash in on their idea! Don’t let this be you! Take Action and the world is yours. Walt Disney said it the best, ” All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Taking Action is the only thing that is stopping you from starting your paintball field. If you are not going to take action on your idea then stop taking about it and go back to the job you hate. If you think I’m being a little strong I agree with you. Sometimes we need splash of water in our face to help us wake up and realize we can accomplish our goals and dreams, we just need to put one foot in front of the other until we get there.

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#3. Giving up too soon- There is a famous story about the guy who was 3 feet from gold that is a perfect example. During the “Gold Rush” days in California a man sold everything left his family and friends and headed west to find gold. They all said he was crazy and gave him 100 reasons why not to go but he went anyway. (Has anyone tried to talk you out of your paintball field yet?) Anyway this guy starts to dig and low and behold he finds some gold, pretty soon he finds more and now things are getting exciting. This guy sells all the gold he found to get the big equipment in to score the “mother lode.” Unfortunately the gold trail was lost and he could find nothing more than few sprinkles. He sold everything for pennies on the dollar and headed home defeated. The new buyer brought in an expert geologist to look at the land and the geologist told the new buyer to keep digging and lo and behold the biggest gold mine in California was discovered after digging another 3 FEET!

Talk about giving up too soon! The good news is, the man who did give up went on to be one of the greatest insurance salesman of all time because he vowed he would never give up too soon again! Too often I see people get all excited about their new paintball field and at the first minor set back they give up and quit! They are 3 FEET FROM GOLD and they give up.

Another moral of the story is the guy who bought the land from the man who gave up hired an expert in that field to come advise him. Wouldn’t it be wise for you to work with an expert in starting a paintball field. Allow me to send you some valuable information for FREE, it’s THE 5 KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL PAINTBALL FIELD, simply click this link and enter you e-mail address at the bottom of the page. Click Here

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