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Tippmann just invested $500,000 in your paintball field! It’s true! Now before you go online to check your bank account, read on a little further. If you needed a good reason to start a paintball field, then this is it!

Tippmann just announced there new ad campaign; The new TV commercial will initially air on cable networks in 19 markets across the country including Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and more and includes ESPN, ESPN2, Spike, SyFi, Discovery, MTV, VH1, G4, The History Channel, and more with over 20,000 spots airing over an eight-week campaign. There is also a social marketing viral element that will extend the campaign around the world through popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This commercial is all about getting people to get out and play , you can get a sneak peak at the link below: